It is important to know who and what of obstetrics in Dubai. If you would like to have a baby in the near future or you are planning one, this article is for you.

Right from the inception of man, there has been the need for procreation and this requires experts who will take care of the mother during pregnancy and even the child right after birth. In our modern day world, obstetricians take care of gestation and childbirth.

Suffice it that Obstetrics is a branch of medicine that deals with midwifery and childbirth. While a gynaecologist is concerned with the reproductive system of women, the obstetrician is bent in taking good care of women during pregnancy, childbirth, and even post-natal care.

It is an obstetricians’ qualification to help, educate and teach patients about birth control, advise pregnant women about exercise, medication, diet and staying healthy. Obstetrics, being a branch of medicine is poised to monitor pregnant women’s health, as well their babies’ health.  In fact, the obstetrics branch of medicine requires anybody that wishes to venture into it to have a good communication skill, as this will be necessary for educating patients, administering medical treatments and aftercare.

Undoubtedly, obstetrics plays a significant role before your pregnancy, during your pregnancy, as well postpartum care. It is not uncommon to see obstetricians and other medical professionals during your prenatal visits, they work in partnership with the nurses, midwives and other health care personnel to ensure you are given the best prenatal care and advice.

While applauding the works and humanitarian services of the doctors and nurses before and even on your date of delivery, it is important not to demean work of an obstetrician. Your obstetrician meticulously monitors your progress during labor, as well delivers your baby when its time.

With the fast-growing scientific research and evolution, one may say that birth date or time can be altered slightly to an extent. Due to the introduction of synthetic labor inducing hormones, a number of babies born in a day may be altered. All thanks to obstetrics.

Regrettably, female obstetricians are yet to be many; It has been a long-standing scenario where men obstetricians outnumber the female counterpart. Lately, while the obstetrics field is a male dominated field, it has started to witness a somewhat turnaround. Now, you can see a female obstetrician practicing perfectly well in her field.

Have you ever wondered why you see OB/GYN on both the gynecologist’s office door as well that of an obstetrician’s? This shouldn’t come as a surprise because of both branches of medicine work hand in hand, although they are not exactly the same, they both deal with the female reproductive system. An obstetrician can carry out mammogram screenings, ultrasonic test to ascertain the condition of the uterus as well check for health conditions that may tamper the pregnancy.

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