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As a pregnant woman, there should be no priority above having a healthy pregnancy, as well a safe delivery. Undoubtedly, there are some basic health and grooming tips which you may know already, but here are some tips to make you stay healthy during and immediately after pregnancy.

  1. Eat well-balanced meals each day. Ensure that you make every bite count, do not just eat to satisfy hunger, rather eat to stay healthier.
  2. Drink enough fluids. While avoiding artificial coloring and caffeine, it is important that you take in much fluid. Having at least 10 glasses each day is not a bad idea.
  3. Keep away from smoking, as well avoid alcohol. You may never know how harmful smoking is, even to the pregnant woman. Ensure you steer clear of smoking and alcohol because they are detrimental to you and your unborn baby.
  4. Do not wear shoes that are restricting, do not compromise your comfort while going for fancy shoes. Also, do well to keep your legs up at any possible time to avoid swell-ups.
  5. Do not discard your seat belt when pregnant, but wear it in a manner that it doesn’t discomfort your abdomen. Also, ensure that you sit far away from the airbag.
  6. Regular exercise is an inevitable thing for pregnant women; it helps you improve blood circulation, control your weight and also reduce stress.
  7. Eat plenty fruits; the natural glucose in some fruits will help boost your energy up while it offers no side effect.
  8. Do not fret about cravings. It is quite common for pregnant women to seek for more foods; the reason may not be very clear but ensure you eat healthy foods whenever you crave for foods.
  9. Catch enough sleep. During pregnancy, ensure you sleep for at least eight hours every day. You have to put off those insomniac acts, meet your doctor for help and possible solutions.
  10. Book for an early ultrasound and antenatal care. Scans may not be reliable in the first six to eight weeks, but beyond this time, prenatal care and ultrasound scan are necessary. It even reassures pregnant women and keeps their hopes high.
  11. Be clear about the signs of ectopic pregnancy. Development of the fetus outside the uterus is a life-threatening scenario, but a mother can be saved even without surgery if this condition is detected early.
  12. Every pregnant woman should know her blood type. A pregnant woman with rhesus negative bearing a baby with rhesus positive should be careful as improper management might lead to complications.
  13. It is important to count the kicks your baby gives you; this usually starts during the second trimester. Monitor those kicks and know that there may be a problem when such kick ceases.
  14. When you feel unusual or notice an unusual phenomenon in your body, do not hesitate to call the doctor, or visit the clinic if possible.
  15. As a general idea, women should trust their instincts especially those who have been pregnant before. If you notice anything unusual or different from your past pregnancy, make sure you check it out or visit your doctor.

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